Super Tug Dog Toys

This is one of the best designs on the market for your dog to play tug of war with himself or with other dogs and is a great way for them to exercise and live an all around more healthy life.

    • Perfect for people with strong dogs who like to play tug-of-war but don’t like having dislocated shoulders.

    • Braided Fleece Tug is soft on your dog’s mouth and is safer than rope tugs with easily ingested rope strands.

    • 2” wide polypropylene webbing strap has the strength of heavy chain without causing damage to tree bark.

    • Super strong marine grade bungee cord eliminates the need for a metal spring.

    • “Perfection Loops” tied at the ends of the bungee cord eliminate extra connectors and only become tighter with use.

    • These nearly indestructible dog toys were designed to hold up to the most powerful dogs but will still work with dogs of any size.

    • Great for people with limited mobility.

    • Also works great as a training tool and provides the mental exercise dogs need at the same time they are getting physical exercise.

    • Replacement braided Fleece Tug and bungee cord sections available for purchase.

  • Strap is long enough to wrap around trees up to approximately 30” in diameter.

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